Marketing Money Machine

Tired of wasting your money on stuff that just doesn’t work?  The Marketing Money Machine unlocks the secrets so you can build a machine for your business that mechanically sends you a Conveyor Belt of New Customers, And Sold Clients!

Money Marketing Machine

Money Marketing Machine

Marketing Money Machine Bundle

Marketing Money Machine Bundle

Best Selling Authors Jerry Pinkas & Brian Tracy will show how to stop chasing customers to do business with you!  Now, Attract Customers to YOU with your very own Real Estate Marketing Money Machine.  

“What If You Owned A Machine That Mechanically Sends You A Conveyor Belt of New Customers and Sold Clients Night & Day?”

You have probably been spending your hard-earned money on products and systems in your real estate business that just aren’t giving you the results.

In this 6 part series we reveal the exact content strategy that Real Estate Agents are using to grow and massively expand and grow their real estate sales business. Discover:

  • Why Attraction Based Marketing is more important today than it was in the past
  • The 7 Inside Secrets to connecting with more customers and massively increase the sales in your business
  • The Best Types of content to create that attract Buyers & Sellers to you
  • How to make effective, Google loving videos,  and get top rankings
  • The Tools that make your marketing distribution easy and automated
  • How to PROFIT from the massive shift that has taken place
  • Supercharge your offline marketing pieces & build the most amazing lead generating system
  • And so much more…
Real Estate Marketing Ideas

Real Estate Marketing Ideas

This is an exclusive opportunity for further growth and opportunity. The coolest part is, that many of these proven systems and processes are low cost or no cost yet drive a flood of customers to you every day and night.

When you take action today:

Ultimate Lead Marketing Money Machine

  1.  Receive Real Estate Agents Marketing Money Machine Toolkit

  2. 6 Modules On CD – learn these strategies, systems, and where Brian Tracy and Jerry Pinkas Reveal the complete system that attracts customers to do business with you day and night.

  3. An “Action Guide”, transcribed so you can read along, take notes then take action when going through the materials.

  4. A Workbook so you not only learn the core principles, but you also take action to get the results that you desire, by implementing each cog or gear in your machine.

  5. New Training Program that shows you exactly how to use and leverage your resources.

    PLUS +

  • Bonus 1- Swipe and Deploy files the Actual Marketing Pieces you can directly implement into your business
  • Bonus 2 - How to Receive even More Exposure From All Your Marketing
  • Bonus 3 - Video Domination Bonus Report– How to get your videos to rank #1 on Google and YouTube
  • Bonus 4 - How to properly use Press Releases for massive exposure.
  • Bonus 5 - Become the Dominate Player in your Marketplace
  • Bonus 6 - FREE- Bonus Materials – Reports, Postcards, Direct Mail, Sales Letters, +More.
  • Bonus 7 - Private 30 Minute Consultation to help you solidify your business and so you can quickly and easily implement this machine in your business.
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Marketing Money Machine is the silent salesman that is designed to convert at the highest level.

This conveyor belt system allows large you volumes of customers that move rapidly through a process, allowing you to receive higher sales volume with a smaller investment. 

v  How to create the strongest call-to-action and amazing offers that attracts customers like Bees Are Attracted to Honey – A Simple Secret That Will Change Everything!

v  How to build a highly responsive list of prospects and customers who want your information … and how to create effective marketing campaigns and materials.

v  How to use Lumpy mail, cheap post cards, and simple sales letters, to mechanically separate the people who want to do business with you.  

v  How to create a conveyor belt of new clients for fast Cash Flow!

v   How to stop wasting money on advertising that doesn’t work! 

Marketing Money Machine - Toolkit and CD's

Marketing Money Machine – Toolkit and CD’s